The legal aspect

We know about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the UK Corporate Governance Control, and the Deutsche Corporate Governance Kodex (DCGK). We adhere strictly to the rules, no deviation possible or foreseen. We want your event to be a full success, not a headache instead.

We as well obey and highly treasure personal privacy. We will publish absolutely no personal data or photographs, unless we have written consent, i.e. have been ordered to do so by the holder of the rights.

Our core values are the fast lane to future success

It is the very essence for all internal and external business relationships: With our employees, customers, suppliers, and any other partner.

Focussing on the customer is as essential to our business as it is for lasting success. We are always thinking in terms of our customers’ needs.

Added Value
We constantly outperform our competitors with faster reaction, reliability at every level, professional consultation, thinking along the lines of partnership, comprehensive and cost-compatible fulfillment of our customers' every needs.

We oppose any and all forms of discrimination and personal degradation. Mutual understanding and respect are paramount. As an owner run business, we are committed to the welfare of our employees and their personal development.

We believe in transparency and team oriented communication. Focussing on our employees' needs and their further development is a cornerstone to our success. Only through success we can create new jobs.

We believe in leadership, team spirit and personal comittment. They are top priorities for our success, as are modesty and trust. We constantly invest in the development of high potentials in order to train tomorrows’ leaders.

Simple and uncomplicated organizational procedures create room for innovative and highly inspired business. We do everything we can to achieve our goals.

Awareness of all social, environmental, and interpersonal responsibilities goes without saying for our employees and senior management. We respect and treasure our resources through value-based management.

As an owner run business, we have high standards of personal responsibility. Fairness and integrity guide our interactions with our business partners and the public.

Now and in the future, the scope and pace of our strategic development and our willingness to invest will be shaped by commercial integrity and financial strength. We treasure the value of our long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

We support the Frankfurter Tafel

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