Tell me – and I will forget it. Show me – and I will remember. Involve me – and I will keep it. (according to Confucius)

Emotions are addressed by all senses. Passion, creativity, love for detail, and even perfection are the shortcuts to your clients’ hearts. They help to make your brand or product unforgettable.

From conception to planning, execution, and success controlling, we deliver the full programme to support your brand.

Be it a small, private party, or a large company event – we perform every event with the same extra care you can expect from us. And even if it’s a one off: Your brand will always be remembered enthusiastically.


The physical dimension of non-haptic, abstract products solely depends on the authentic transformation of the brand’s value. Events are the ideal platform to effectively dramatize the brand’s aura and to create desire.


That is our aim: to generate brand atmosphere. Create the incomparable. Make intangibles physical. Convert clients and users into enthusiastic brand diplomats.


First class

“Give your product a first class ticket.” Brand values are a company’s most valuable asset. You don’t want them to travel economy to your clients’ hearts, do you? Direct contact with the brand, physical experience of the brand’s world is absolutely essential when it comes to the premium segment. Events are an indispensable communication tool to credibly orchestrate brand values in order to develop new areas of identification for a cosseted clientele who settle for nothing but the best.


What can we orchestrate for you?

A breath taking gala
Verivox gala dinner
A very special company anniversary
MediaFocus 25th anniversary fire